You Might Not Know How Yoga Meditation Affects Your Life

You might not know how Yoga Meditation affects your life . . . even if you’re in regular practice of Hatha Yoga, yogasanas the physical postures of Yoga.

Well, many of us know . . . our practice sorts out our minds, resets our buttons, unscrambles our emotions and gives us a strength and inner peace that is astonishing. The whole purpose of our practice is for you to live a more meaningful life with point and purpose which is satisfying to both your heart and your Soul.

I’m Susan your teacher and guide to my teachings of the Essence of Yoga Meditation and my approach is “Further Than Yoga” – accelerating our Spiritual Vision so we can work with Divine Communication in our lives – through our yoga practice.

And I’m teaching my first Ashram week here in Caheragh, West Cork, Thursday July 28th to August 4th –when I say “here” I’m talking about this sacred space dedicated to the Divine Mother – where I’ve been healing the Divine energies and earth energies to restore it as sacred shrine space.

It is my “Ashram” as I’ve been entrusted by the Divine Mother to open up the energies and teach from here – what would seem to be a very innocuous place in a small Irish village – but it’s a power center.

And the Ashram in our yogic tradition is a simple place for practice which acts as an energetic center – and it is the Guru or Master who acts as the energy generator and regulator. The Ashram is a place for retreat – the word also translates as the “workplace” where the “work” is our practice. It’s a place to live simply, take teachings and practice.

I am considered as a Master in India as a result of my writings over the years – and I was invited to contribute as a Master by Times of India to their online global community Speaking Tree.

So, an Ashram Week, what is it? It’s a time of retreat, in a place to live simply with our yogic values, to practice and take teachings.

I will be teaching the traditional “Steps to Samadhi” in yoga meditation. These are also known as Patanjali’s 8-step path and Raja Yoga. Samadhi is the state of inner peace and balance through which we join with Divine Consciousness, where we can have our “Conversations with God” – it’s a bringing together of energies, human and Divine, a union or merging at our highest level of consciousness. So you can be a better human being.

I teach in a non-denominational style, and all religions and beliefs are respected.

During my Ashram week, you will live with 4 or 5 other people – we eat simply, it’s vegetarian food – I teach you a simple Ayurvedic daily routine – twice daily meditation – gentle yoga sessions – and I’ll introduce you to the traditional weekly “Bliss” Bath ritual which is absorption in Divine Essence. All of this is so you will go home with practices for your daily life . . .

So this is an early notice – the Ashram week is July 28th to August 4th Thursday to Thursday.

Cost of the week will be very reasonable to reflect the simplicity – 425euro for a double/twin room for single occupancy (3 rooms), 1 smaller single room at 405euro and 2 non-residential places at 325euro. There are only 6 spaces in the group for the week (the shrine room is quite small – it’s a 400 year old building!)

You can check on updates on Twitter @suZenyoga and on on the Ashram Week page. And you can experience my teaching style on my Youtube channel Facebook page is: Suzen @susannirahilly.

Namaste, Susan