Foundations of Yoga Meditation . . . practice and PDF

Foundations of Yoga Meditation is a 4-Part E-Course audio guided download series in some of the foundational and fundamentally basic techniques of Yoga Meditation: Chakra Meditations, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama practices, Inner Journeying and colour visualisation, and Hand Mudras of Yoga with heart healing practice.


Part One:

The Guru Withinis a very wise person.

Colour Meditations to build inner confidence working with the 5 wisdom energies of Yoga. Includes a 10 minute Sitting and Breathing practice and a 10 minute meditation for Cultivation the Attitudes of a Spacious Heart. The Guru Within practice is 27 minutes. There is a 5 minute introduction.

Part Two:

Simple Power, Structure Within – Meditations in the Kneeling Meditation Posture

Including dynamic meditation with breathflow. In this practice we are understanding within the bodymind our masculine and feminine energies to bring inner strength. Includes Rest and Refresh to prepare for meditation, 7 minutes Dynamic Breathflow,  Power and Structure Within 15 minutes of practice, and a 10 minute Yoga Complete Breath breathing practice. The Introduction is 5 minutes.

Part Three:

Gentle Power, Shining Self: The Hand Mudras of Yoga:

Guided Mudra practices with Ayurvedic Elements to prepare for meditation.  Includes The Mother of The Breath practice, one of our powerful concepts in Yoga, an 18 minute practice, Gentle Power hand mudra practice for 22 minutes and we conclude with a 16 minute practice Golden Threads, a heart chakra practice with the heart hand mudra. The introduction is 6 minutes.

Part Four:

The Healer Within . . . is  a very beautiful person.

Chakra Meditations to bring Balance and Inner Harmony. Breath and Joy is a 10  minute Yoga Nidra yoga relaxation, Chakra Meditation is a 28 minute guided practice, and the Sweet Flow of Breath in no-mind meditation is 10 minutes. The introduction is 9 minutes.

. . . . . . . .

It is highly recommended that you practice the 2 free-to-download e-courses Seeds of Yoga Meditation Parts One and Two before practice of Foundations of Yoga Meditation e-course . . . more here . . .

Free to download PDF with an introduction and outline of practice is here

Total running time: 3 hours 36 mins in 4 parts: Format: mp3 with PDF introduction

Price: 30 euro with free PDF guide – here