Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga allows us to act in terms of nobility of the selfusing the noble powers of the heart – not obedience to some set of social rules but out of yourself.  It involves an act of sacrifice for no reward or return.

Our New Karma Yoga Project


Have you personally benefitted from all that Yoga gives us? Healed your life? Straightened out your head or emotions . . .  grown in ways you never imagined?

. . . then you will appreciate what it might be like to need support of any kind

Rapper Chyna Cymone did – so she set up #SupportTheQuiet

Chyna Cymone
19 | Rapper 🎤 | I created the ##SupportTheQuietmovement to give victims of child abandonment a positive platform to start on 🌎
Hawaii · http://supportthequiet.com/
Following: 94218 · Followers: 150884